Updating the PAIA Manual


The scope.

Target audience.


The course will provide participants with an understanding of the legislative requirements for preparing a PAIA manual in accordance with both the Promotion of Access to Information Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act.  On completion of his seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the PAIA Act and its role in the protection of personal information.
  • Articulate the required contents of the PAIA manual
  • Describe the role and responsibilities of the head of a private body or Information Officer of a public body to make a PAIA manual available.
  • Describe the role and responsibilities of the information officer in preparing a PAIA manual.
  • Communicate the importance of the PAIA manual in ensuring transparency with the data subjects.


Participants will learn through discussion and practical examples how to prepare a PAIA manual in accordance with the requirements for lawfully processing personal information.

This seminar includes topics about:

  • The purpose of the PAIA manual

  • The PAIA manual, privacy notices and privacy policies

  • The role and responsibility of the head of a private body (or information officer of a public body) to make the PAIA manual available

  • Key content topics for the PAIA manual

  • Gathering background information about the processing of personal information

  • Establishing an IT legal register

  • Communicating the “purpose” for processing personal information together with descriptions of the categories of data subjects and of the related information or categories of information

  • Crafting business process descriptions and communicating the purpose for processing personal information

  • Being transparent with the data subjects about the processing of their personal information

  • Describing the information security measures to be implemented by the responsible party to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information being processed

  • Why avoiding doubt that could exist regarding the lawfulness of processing personal information is important.